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•  We need profit, but the social responsibility is more important. 

•“Preserve the ecological environment and promote the resource value”


With the rapid development of economy and the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, environmental pollution and resource scarcity have become increasingly apparent. Especially the large amount of solid waste in cities has caused great harm to the living environment of human beings. In fact, if dealt with properly, “waste” can also be changed into “treasure”. The so-called garbage actually is misplaced resource. Green and environmental renewable resources disposal is a natural way ahead us.


Logo design adopts "symbolism", composed of company's main products shredder blade graphics + brand initials. The shape of the blade highlights the elements of recycling,symbolizing recycling and sustainable development.The color orange represents a good harvest, which means turning waste into treasure and obtaining a good harvest of resources.



After sale

“MAYSLYNN” has a complete service system.Service engineers receive Long-term professional and technical training ,can provide customers with timely, convenient and effective services.

Company tenet :"Not only products but also the service."

Company service:"one year warranty,lifetime paid maintenance."

1.A full-time service engineer who with many years of relevant experience is  in charge of the installation and commissioning of the equipment until it is qualified,then enters the production state after the acceptance.

2.The service hotline is 7*24hours.  To minimize the loss of customers due to shutdown,If the equipment is in an emergency situation,you can immediately contact our service engineer to deal with it in time.

3.Sufficient parts inventory. For reduce the cost of customers’ parts stock and provide better and faster services, we have prepared sufficient equipment parts as inventory .Required parts can be provided at any time. 

4. In order to ensure the technicians of your plant can grasp the performance, operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment correctly, we can provide on-site training to help users mastering the technology faster and more comprehensively.

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Address:No.2558,Haifeng Road,Sanjia Street,JiaoJiang ,TaiZhou City,ZheJiang ,China

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Contact us:86-576-82951877


Address:No.2558,Haifeng Road,Sanjia Street,JiaoJiang ,TaiZhou City,ZheJiang ,China

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