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TMJ-1600S Cable Granulator 

Throughout the world, there are varies kinds of waste cables, our aim is to overcome the loss of copper and other metals during processing for regeneration, to make it more scientific, automation. It reduces labors, increase the recovery rate, and therefore improve production efficiency. Mayslynn Recycling developed first Cable Granulator recycling line in China in 1996. We have been installed more than 300 sets of Cable Granulator all over the world, which shows we are highly recognized by our customer.


TMJ model cable granulator can recycle the waste cables by crushing, gravity separation, vibration separation, magnetic separation processes to separate the plastic and copper, iron, etc… the sorting rate is up to 99%.


Equipment Features:

1. The humanized simplified structure design is easy to maintain.

2. Intelligent control, high degree of automation, automatic shutdown protection for overload.

3. As core of Cable Granulaor, the specific gravity separator determines the separation purity of the product and directly affects the recovery efficiency.It adopts the air specific gravity stratification technology from Europe, frequency conversion control, and high separation accuracy.

4. The crusher adopts a high-strength alternating blade shaft with high crushing efficiency. The is alloy tool steel and has a long service life.

5.  The crusher can be equipped with air cooling system to delay the heating of the material and the crushing chamber.

6.  The operation process of the equipment is closed, with additional dust removal system.

7. The Cable Granulator equipped with shredder is more efficient, and materials can be input in large quantities to save labor.