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TMJ-400 Cable granulator

Throughout the world, there are varies kinds of waste cables, our aim is to overcome the loss of copper and other metals during processing for regeneration, to make it more scientific, automation. It reduces labors, increase the recovery rate, and therefore improve production efficiency. The whole production line is designed to be scientific, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Mayslynn Recycling Company developed first Cable Granulator recycling line in China in 1996. In the past 20 years, with continuous innovation and optimization, we have been always maintain the industry-leading level, and position as benchmark within the industry in China. We have been installed more than 500 sets of Cable Granulator around the world, which shows high degree of customer recognition.

TMJ model cable granulator can recycle the waste cables by crushing, gravity separation, vibration separation, magnetic separation processes to separate the plastic and copper, iron, etc… the sorting rate is up to 99%。


1. The equipment is modular with compact structure and an occupation of smaller area, no need for complex installation, electricity can be used。

2. Excellent in shape, safe and stable, easy to operate, no complicated installation and only one operator can operate after being electrified.

3.Gravity Separator as the core of the Cable Granulator, the separation purity of the products is determined and the recovery efficiency is directly affected.Adopting air specific gravity layering technology from Europe,variable frequency control ,high precision.

4. Crushing system: the high-intensity staggered blades has a higher crushing efficiency. The blade is made of alloy steel with durable long life.

5. The equipment is operating closed to avoid the loss of material, the dust emissions with the additional bag filter and air filter system to effectively control the dust.


Total Power(kw)





Waste cables

Process Flow Chart

Floor plan440CM*270CM*245CM ( L*W*H )

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