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Crap Steel Shredder Line

The scrap steel shredder line is the most advanced processing equipment of iron and steel scrap. Scrap steel processed by the scrap steel shredder conveyor line is clean one of high-quality, and its natural stacking density is 1.2 ~ 1.7t/m3, becoming ideal steel-making charge. In the iron and steel smelting, it has the following advantages:

High yield rate, meaning increasing ration between refined liquid steel and inputted scrap steel.
2. Stability of chemical compositions in all furnaces of steel.
3. Decreased sulfur and phosphorus content in the liquid steel due to sorting of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.
4. Shredded steel can fill gaps and improve the feeding density in mixed feeding with other scrap steel.
5. Less feeding times in smelting.
6. Reduced electrode breakage in smelting.
7. Even furnace heat in smelting.
8. Extended life expectancy of refractory lining in the furnace.
9. Reduced air pollution and slag.
10. Decreased power consumption for one ton liquid steel.

Scrap car bodies, tin plate, scrap electrical appliances, bicycles, all kinds of tanks and other scrap steel, offering good furnace charge for steel plant.
Technical Specifications:

Operating principle: Using the striking principle of its hammer, driven by the high-speed and high-torque motor of high voltage, the hammer heads on the main rotor take turns to strike materials inputted into the chamber for smashing and the scrap steel shredder line breaks the materials into compliant crushers through the space between the liner and hammer, producing broken steel of high purity under the effect of magnetic device.