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Refrigerator Harmless Treatment & Resource Recycling System

The recycling system for refrigeration devices consistsof a shredder, a crusher, a cyclone separation unit for PUR foam, magneticseparation unit for iron, a eddy current separation unit for Aluminuim / Copperfrom plastic and an exhaust air decontamination system.
Before the refrigerators are broken up, the loose innerparts are taken out, this includes glass, drawer and racks etc. This operationis followed by the disposal of the oil-CFC that is done with the refrigerantsuction system.
After removing the compressor the refrigerator isautomatically moved to the fridge recycling system. The refrigerators areautomatically moved by hydraulic lifting and/or belt conveyor to the cuttingunit of the twin-shaft primary-shredder, and broken into small and long shapepieces.
The recyclable material – aluminium/copper, iron, plasticand PUR-foam – are separated subsequently:
● The shredded pieces of PUR-foam are separated bycyclone separator and are moved into PUR foam crusher to down size and storage
● Pieces of iron are taken out through a magneticseparation belt
● The eddy-current separator removes the residualaluminium/copper from the plastic.
● The CFC / pentane / air-mixture from the shredder andcrusher is cooled and frozen, and subsequently condensed and bottled.