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LTJ-5 Motor Stator Recycling Machine (COPPER PULLING MACHINE)
Applicable scope: Pull out copper winding of stator within Φ8cm - Φ50cm
Power: 5.5KW/380V/50HZ Speed: 15-100 piece/hour
Machine Dimensions:3000mm*1000mm*1250mm(L* W*H)
Net Weight: 530Kg
Package Dimension: 920mm*2950mm*1380mm(L* W*H)
Net Weight: 778Kg

1. This equipment is our self-developed product, which is targeted with high efficiency and high economic benefit.
2. Nice appearance with reasonable structure, equipment surface with plastic-coated process result in corrosion resistance and lasting as new.
3. Using high torque cylinder, which can withstand high loads of high intensity running.
4. Using international brands (such as Yuken) for hydraulic components, with air cooling system to prevent the oil temperature from too high during operation.
5. We use SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, and CHNT for electrical control system.
6. The claw is made of chisel tool steel, which is high strength and wear-resistant.
7. The processing of equipment is without metal loss, with improved recycling value, and environmental friendly.
8. The equipment is designed with access door, emergency stop switch to ensure safety. And adopted CE Certificate, in line with European Safety Standards.

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