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917 Cable Granulator

917 Cable granulator compose: Water type high strength crusher, Shaking table two parts;
917 Cable Granulator principle:
1. Water type high strength crusher
①Firstly crush material into granulate, copper and plastic, the diameter of granulate is 2MM-8MM.
②Water injection to crush, it is good for cooling granulate. To prevent overheating, avoid plastic and insulation tape sticking on copper.
2.Shaking table:
①、According to the different gravity of metal and nonmetal principle, the metal copper will be sinking in the water quickly, nonmetal plastic will float in the water.
②、Metal (Copper) will be sinking in the shaking table surface, Along the shaking table surface grooving flow to above of tail. The lighter nonmetal will flow to the bottom of tail because of water washing.
③、Working form of shaking table: Shaking table surface reciprocating motion, table surface add pipes flushing.
Applicable scope: Stranded hair silk wires, All kinds of electrical appliances miscellaneous line with joint, plug and sellotape. Automobile Wire harness. Motorcycle wire harness. Computer cable. Plug cord, Oil cable and other complex mixed type wire, small switch, coil.

Separate out of copper

Separate out of plastic

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