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Company Course

1995:The first Cable Stripping Machine was developed by our company in China.

1996: The first Cable Granulator was developed by our company in China, which greatly improve the efficiency in cable recycling.

2000: The first Motor Recycling Machine - Copper Pulling Machine was developed by our company in China, the processing efficiency is several times of manual treatment.

2003:With  the opening of second factory, we fully expand production capacity.

2005: We developed Motor Crushing Recycling Production Line, to avoid the artificial hammering dismantling since long time.

2006: With access to self export-rights, we official entry into the international market, and establish Discovery Trading Co, Limited company in Hongkong. We become largest exporter of Cable Stripping Machine and Cable Granulator in China, with annual exportation of more than 5000 sets.

2009: We developed the Waste Home Electronics Recycling Processing Equipment.

2010: Entered into the area of municipal domestic waste disposal equipment manufacturing.

2011: We developed Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line with national invention patents, and reach the world's highest standard of 99% sorting rate.

2012:We were reconstructed to build a new brand image. The name of the company was changed to “Taizhou Mayslynn recycling Technology Co. Ltd.”.

We will never forget our original intention in the future. We need profit, but social responsibility is more important. “Preserve the ecological environment and promote the resource value”