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Product name:Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line

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Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line(Sixth generation)


In 2009, we developed the first waste radiator crushing and sorting line in China. In the past ten years, we have been based on the actual operating experience feedback from customers, and through continuous innovation and optimization, we strive to maintain the leading level in the industry. Create higher benefits for our customers. So far, nearly 100 sets of waste radiator crushing and sorting lines have been installed overworld, which shows we are highly recognized by our customer. This production line is a product independently developed by our company and has obtained a national invention patent.


Purpose: Recycling the disassembled radiators of air conditioners, generators, automobiles, etc., and sorting out copper, iron, and aluminum.


Process introduction: Put the material into the double-shaft shredder for coarse crushing, and then transfer to the hammer crusher for fine crushing. The length of the crushed material is about 3cm. The iron is separated by a powerful magnetic separator, and the copper and aluminum mixture is separated by the air separator. The purity can be maximum up to 99%.



1. Our processing process has lower metal loss compared to the processing technology of European and American countries, minimizes the number of times the material being crushed, and ensures that the material is separated in the maximum state, thereby reducing the production of metal powder and improving the recovery rate. The length of pure copper is about 3cm.


2. The radiator containing the iron frame can be directly put into the machine for processing. The first breaking machine adopts a two-axis opposite shredding design, which has low noise, large torque, and can shred larger size radiators.


3. The screen and blades of the crusher are made of wear-resistant steel, and the service life and cost are the best choice.


4. A new type of sorting machine, perfect replacement for the original specific gravity sorting machine, maintenance-free and no consumables, the sorting rate can maximum reach 99%.


5. The equipment operation process adopts a closed type, negative pressure dust collection, and is equipped with two-stage dust removal, which effectively reduces the generation of dust.












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Address:No.2558,Haifeng Road,Sanjia Street,JiaoJiang ,TaiZhou City,ZheJiang ,China

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Contact us:86-576-82951877

Address:No.2558,Haifeng Road,Sanjia Street,JiaoJiang ,TaiZhou City,ZheJiang ,China

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